ETEA Test Guidelines 2024 in Pakistan

ETEA Test Guidelines 2024 in Pakistan for Engineering and Medical are available here. ETEA is an acronym for Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency, ETEA can be defined as an institution established in 1998 under the government of the state of KPK. If you’re a student who wants admission into Medical or Engineering within the public sector of KPK then you must take an exam called the ETEA entrance test.

Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency(ETEA) conducts entry tests for admission to different medical and engineering colleges/universities. It conducts MCAT and ECAT which contain 200 marks. ETEA exams are objective tests and you’ll be given multiple-choice questions.

ETEA Test Guidelines 2024

KPK Province students aren’t just given information on ETEA and how they will be capable of preparing for the test or doing very well in the trial. Students are provided with the complete ETEA procedure for applying for an application that is secure. Students can also expect to access the complete ETEA eligibility requirements that will be in effect until 2024.

ETEA Test Guidelines 2024 in Pakistan

ETEA Test Guidelines in Pakistan

ETEA Entry Test 2024 Pattern, Preparation Tips

All applicants have to complete the online application after having paid the fees for entry. In order to complete your registration, you need to enter the code of your bank transaction and your branch’s name in which you’ll pay your fee. complete the registration form that is available on the Internet. If you don’t fill in the necessary information, your registration won’t be accepted.

ETEA Medical Test 2024

Each year, more than 40000 students appear in tests but only a handful get good marks. The reason is that ETEA medical exams are highly competitive. Only those candidates are able to be successful with experience and skills that are solid. There’s no specific age limit for the ETEA Medical Test, so any person who is of any age can be qualified to take the ETEA medical exam.

ETEA Medical Test Pattern

The test is comprised of 200 MCQs that are based on the FSc syllabus. The mark-negative method is also offered for the exam.  If you are able to answer the question correctly, you’ll receive four points.  One point will be removed from your score if you make a mistake.  If two candidates score identical scores on this test, ETEA will pick the candidate who is the one with the higher score.

ETEA Medical Admission Test

  1. Physics -60 MCQs
  2. Chemistry – 60 MCQs
  3. Biology – 60 MCQs
  4. English – 20 MCQs
  5. Total= 200 MCQs
  6. Total Marks= 200
  7. No negative Marking
  8. The time duration of the paper is 150 minutes.

ETEA Engineering Test Guidelines 2024

Education Testing and Evaluation Agency is responsible for conducting the test for engineering and medicine for the state of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. If you’re on the look for ETEA Test Guidelines 2024 in Pakistan, then you are on the right track. ETEA has released the Test Syllabus 2024 for engineering tests as well as the paper format to help students be prepared for their tests. Students can access the ETEA syllabus online which will help them prepare for the test that is coming up.

Syllabus For ETEA Engineering Entry Test

ETEA is believed to be one of the most difficult admission tests. Many students take part each year for this test, but only a few pass the test. Students can also go through the guideline for preparation available on This will assist students get decent marks on the exam.

S/No Subjects MCQs
1 Mathematics 60
2 Chemistry 60
3 Physics 60
4 English 20
Total 200
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ETEA Aggregate

If you’ve scored excellent marks on the test ETEA and successfully passed the exam, use your score to determine your probability of being admitted.

ETEA aggregate is a percentage of the total ETEA, calculated using three variables:

  • Matric marks
  • F.Sc marks
  • ETEA marks

For Medical Students

According to KMU ( Khyber medical university ), the merits are determined using the following method:

  • 50% ETEA
  • 40% FSc
  • 10% SSC

For example for instance, if a student holds 920/1100 marks in SSC,

  • 900/1100 in F.Sc

800-500 and ETEA to calculate your aggregate by using this formula to calculate aggregates


a=(920/1100)x10 = 8.18

b=(900/1100)x40 = 32.72

c=(500/800) x50 = 31.25

Aggregate = A+ B+ C = 72.15

The same formula applies to Engineering students as well. For more details on the calculation, visit ETEA the calculator for aggregates.

 ETEA Test Preparation

Students should be aware that the exam is built on the syllabus that they’ve completed until the intermediate level of their education. We suggest that you do your best during exams such as FSC or intermediate FSC as well as the intermediate FSC tests to help you prepare for the content to be covered in your ETEA test. Additionally, students are given the following instructions to ensure success in the ETEA test in 2024:

  1. In the beginning, build confidence about your self-confidence.
  2. Plan a routine of daily study.
  3. Keep in mind the most important aspects of your science topics often.
  4. You must be proficient in Your English language.
  5. Start preparing shortly after passing the intermediate test.
  6. Check your syllabus over and over.
  7. Be sure to take proper care of your sleeping or eating habits to remain healthy.


Q. What is the date for ETEA 2024?

A. 16 July 2024

Q. What are the minimum passing scores in ETEA 2024?

A. The overall pass mark is 40 percent.

Q. What subjects are included in ETEA Engineering Test?

A. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English.

Q. What subjects are covered in the ETEA Medical Test?

A. Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and English.

Q. What are the prerequisites for ETEA?

A. Minimum of 60% marks on SSC and HSSC or equivalent examinations.

Q. How many questions can you find on ETEA?

A. It is comprised of 200 questions.

Q. What can I do to prepare for the entrance exam in Pakistan?

A. Be focused, start studying in the morning, set the routine for your day, and stay clear of distractions. Be aware of the exam format, and know how important textbooks are.

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