ETEA Test Preparation 2024 Syllabus

In this blog post, we are providing information about ETEA Test Preparation 2024 and the syllabus for the entrance test for Engineering and Medical fields. The ETEA is the body responsible for conducting entrance tests to ensure admission to several private and public-private sector engineering and medical institutions within Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

A syllabus is a fundamental contract between the instructor and students, which outlines the expectations and responsibilities of both sides. It also serves as a map that outlines the general outline of the curriculum, key milestones, and landmarks that can help students know they’re taking the right track. ETEA has recently released the course syllabus for the forthcoming ETEA examination 2024. The announcement is a massive sigh of relief to a lot of students who had been looking forward to the official announcement. Candidates can get details about ETEA Test Preparation 2024 and the syllabus from this page.

ETEA Test Preparation 2024

The ETEA exam is believed to be among the most essential tests for students who want to attend an accredited university or college. It has been declared that ETEA KMU is going to follow this Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) 2022 syllabus, which is accessible via Wisegot website. Students can get the syllabus by clicking the end of this article. The ETEA 2024 test will take place in August and registration will start in June.

Anyone keen to appear for the exam must begin preparation as soon as possible. This syllabus for ETEA 2024 exam is quite extensive. ETEA 2024 exam covers subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology as well as English. The syllabus was designed to assess the conceptual comprehension of students studying these subjects. It is essential for students to know that the ETEA exam is extremely competitive.

ETEA Test Preparation 2024 Syllabus

ETEA Test Preparation 2023

ETEA Syllabus for KPK Students

The ETEA is the body responsible for conducting engineering and medical tests in KPK. If you are searching for the ETEA test preparation syllabus for 2024 you’re on the right webpage. ETEA has released its Test Syllabus 2024 so that students are able to be prepared for their tests according to their needs. ETEA Test Syllabus will assist you in preparing for the test that is coming up. Students who will take the ETEA test in 2024 can review the syllabus and the exam layout from this page.

It is essential to know the format of the test to perform better in the exam. The ETEA will test 200 MCQs. The test syllabus is comprised of five different Subjects and the amount of each subject differs. Make sure you review the format prior to you take the exam to make sure of proper preparation.

Syllabus For ETEA Medical Entry Test

It is crucial for students to know that the ETEA test is very competitive and the curriculum is intended to measure their ability to think critically and develop problem-solving abilities. It is therefore essential to study for the exam with the correct methods and study materials.

S/No Subjects MCQs
1 Biology 80
2 Chemistry 60
3 Physics 40
4 English 20
Total 200
ETEA Test Syllabus Download 

Syllabus For ETEA Engineering Entry Test

Students are able to download the syllabus of the ETEA exam by browsing this page. To make it easier to prepare, it is suggested to look at this ETEA course 2024. The syllabus contains all information about the subjects covered in the test. Students can download this ETEA Syllabus 2024 Pakistan in PDF on this website.

S/No Subjects MCQs
1 Mathematics 60
2 Chemistry 60
3 Physics 60
4 English 20
Total 200
ETEA Test Syllabus Download 

ETEA Test Preparation

It is believed that the ETEA test is considered to be one of the most important exams for students who wish to go to a reputable school or college. Every year, thousands of students take the test, however only a handful of them get through. It’s essential to adhere to the ETEA syllabus for 2024 to prepare for the test. Students can look over the syllabus online. ETEA Syllabus will assist you in preparing for the exam that is coming up. Students who are scheduled to take the ETEA test in 2024 can check the syllabus and exam layout on this page. On this page, we offer online test preparation MCQs for the exam free for all our users. Students who wish to achieve high marks in the ETEA test should attempt our test every day and work to improve their skills.

 ETEA Entry Test Preparation Tips

It’s a crucial question of how we can achieve top marks for passing the entrance test. It is about rational thinking for applicants since this is the only aspect that will aid you in your entrance test. We can still assist you with suggestions for ETEA Entry Test Preparation Tips here.

  • The first suggestion is not to study the syllabus in a hurry and then prepare the entire syllabus since the test for entry is composed of MCQs, so nobody knows when the trial will take place.
  • If you are getting ready for your entrance test Syllabus make sure you are focused thorough, thorough, and have total understanding, as this is the best instrument that can lead you to achieving the best marks for passing
  • Practice Training, Practice, and more practice to answer the MCQs.

Important Instructions for ETEA Test

  • Have a restful night.
  • Don’t alter your eating habits as much as you can.
  • Do not get too involved in what is happening around you during the exam.
  • Don’t maintain “one eye” on your loved ones as well as your “other” eye” on the person who is invigilating you.
  • Your eyes must be focused on the page that you have printed Your sole goal is to finish your task with efficiency, speed, and precision.
  • Don’t be frustrated if you can’t get started with a bang – many of us require time to warm up in order for our focus to get up to speed.
  • Find something you are interested in. The desire to be yourself motivates you to be focused and remember that you’re working for YOU and your future.
  • Don’t rush too much There’s no reward for finishing earlier.


Q. What is the pass mark for the ETEA test?

A. Candidates who score 60% marks overall in the screening test will be deemed to have passed the test.

Q. Which MCQs are included in the Engineering Entrance Test of ETEA?

A. Engineer Entrance Test 200; all tests are compulsory and carry the same marks.

Q. What is the number of subjects in ECAT?

A. Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, English language.

Q. Where can I download the ETEA Examination Syllabus 2024?

A. For downloading of test syllabus Visit

Q. What are the minimum passing scores to pass ETEA Test?

A. If a candidate is able to score 40%, they will be able to pass the test.

Q. What is the nature of ETEA medical tests?

A. Test will be one paper with 200 questions that are multiple-choice (MCQs) broken down into 4 categories.

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