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In this blog post, we discuss ETEA, what is ETEA, and What is the Introduction of ETEA. We are trying to guide our visitors about Educational Testing & Evaluation Agency (ETEA) through this post. We have also provided information about the mission and objectives of ETEA through this post. You can get information about ETEA’s responsibilities and purpose of ETEA on this page.

We are providing information about all those tests conducted by ETEA for medical, engineering college admissions, and government and private jobs in KPK. If you are searching for Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency you are at the right place. You can find details about ETEA, its Functions, and details of tests conducted by ETEA on this page. So keep visiting Etearesult.Pk for the latest updates about ETEA Jobs, and ETEA Tests and its results.


The Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency of the KPK (ETEA) is an autonomous and independent educational organization created through the KPK Government.  Creation of systems and resources to conduct tests and evaluations of educational quality to educational institutes in a clear independent, non-influenced, and academically sound way. The Agency is accountable for the evaluation of education at educational institutions generally and also for the admission process to institutions of professional excellence. It provides Medical and Engineering education in particular. ETEA strives to meet the objectives of testing and evaluation by ensuring that they encourage curiosity application, research, and inquiry in students during their studies in schools and colleges.

ETEA is conducting Entrance Tests to be able to admit students into the University of Engineering and Technology. University of Engineering and Technology as well as to the Medical and Dental Colleges in the KPK  from 1998. They also conduct Entrance Tests to be admitted to the Graduate and Undergraduate Programs from IMS, Hayatabad. Tests to select IT Teachers, Lecturers, and admission into Quality Education Institutions have also been carried out by ETEA.


At first, Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency was established to manage Entrance Tests to be able to enter Engineering and Medical institutions of the province instead of testing agencies outside. However, the scope of its tasks and goals of the ETEA was expanded far beyond those Entrance Tests as stated in the Ordinance.

In essence, it is to bring about changes to the examination and testing system. It provides education on these issues and expands the utilization of its electronic tools to other institutions in order to bring the highest standards of transparency, objectivity, and effectiveness. The government has given ETEA the responsibility for conducting Screening tests for all recruitments in the public sector departments.

ETEA Result

ETEA is the acronym for the acronym Education Testing and Evaluation Agency. It is an agency that conducts exams of engineering and medical tests within the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan. This test is tough and each year, a lot of students fail to be able to pass it due to the lack of direction. The entrance Test is the student’s ability to focus on acquiring abilities and skills. It is not reverting to the method of parrot-like memory. A solid knowledge of the concepts of the subjects that are fundamental to them is crucial to succeed on the test. Concentration at 100% will ensure speed and precision when doing the MCQs.

Education Testing and Evaluation Agency conducts entrance for admission to KPK universities, colleges, and job tests every year. After the entrance test or jobs test ETEA prepares the results of that test within a few days. It publishes official all these results on its official website. All those candidates who have appeared in etea entrance tests or jobs tests can check their results Click Here. The results are delivered in 24 hours which is a record achievement on a national level.

Etea edu pk

Education Testing and Evaluation Agency offers aptitude tests, entry-level exams, and selection procedures that are based on merit. It is used for both institutions in the private and public sectors to ensure fairness and transparency with high-quality assessment.ETEA offers entrance tests for all types of institutions. offers tests for recruitment in both private and public sector institutions in the country as well as across the globe.

Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is an educational institution created in the year 1998 by the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is governed by a governors’ board that is led by the head of government Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Higher Education Minister is the Vice Chairman and the Secretary of Higher Education is one of its members. The Executive Director of ETEA is the Secretary of the Board.

ETEA Login

Education Testing and Evaluation Agency provides entrance tests for all kinds of institutions. ETEA administers aptitude tests, entrance-level examinations, and selection procedures that are based on merit for both private and public sector institutions guaranteeing fairness and transparency with an assessment based on quality. If you wish to apply online to ETAE Jobs first you should sign up for login via ETEA’s website. To sign up to create an account, you will need to fill in the Computerized National Identity Card Number as well as your password. To log into your ETEA Account, visit https://etea.online and then enter the CNIC and your password, then click the “Login” option. Now you are able to submit an online application for ETEA Jobs on this page. Fill out your download application form following the directions provided.

What is ETEA

What is ETEA

How to Fill ETEA Online Form

Education Testing and Evaluation Agency Online Form Complete Information is operating within Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Online Application Form for the Recruitment of Directorate of Transport and Mass Transit The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. All semi-government and government position announcements are made through ETEA. Education Testing Evaluation Agency is the authority responsible for ensuring that ETEA publishes the advertisement collection forms reviews forms and issues rolls no slips, and conducts the written test of candidates who are eligible on the announced dates.

Before you fill in the application online form create an account with ETEA. When you have completed the online form, complete all the needed information such as your complete name, father’s name CNIC Number Email Address, Mobile Number, and full postal address. Provide you with your academic records, home address, as well as details on experience certificates. After submitting the ETEA online form, be sure to read the entire information provided regarding personal information and education. Then click the submit button.

How to Prepare for ETEA Medical Test

The Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency is a body that is responsible for conducting the entrance test for engineering and medical schools in the province of KPK. Students wishing to begin their studies in the engineering or medical area must be able to sit this test first.

Students are told that the test consists of the syllabus they’ve learned up to the intermediate stage of their education. It is recommended that you be prepared for exams like the Intermediate or FSC tests as this will aid you in preparing to prepare for the material for your test. Additionally, students are provided with the most important steps to take to be successful in taking the ETEA Medical test.

  • The first step is to establish confidence in your personality.
  • Create a schedule of regular study.
  • Remember the most important aspects of subjects in science regularly.
  • You should be able to grasp your English language.
  • Begin preparations shortly after completing the intermediate exam.
  • Review your syllabus once and once more.
  • Be aware of your sleeping or eating patterns to ensure you stay fit and healthy.

Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency Medical Test

Admission Tests into Engineering and Medical Colleges are held each year. Since the applicants receive an answer sheet that is computer-readable and must fill in their answers only on the sheet so, some guidelines on the questions and the distribution of marks and filling in an Answer Sheet have been offered to aid them. As per the Regulations of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, the quality of a candidate will be determined by adding the marks to this ratio:

*Matriculation (SSC) (or equivalent) * Matriculation (SSC) / Equivalent

* Intermediate (Pre-Medical)/Equivalent – 40%

* Admission Test 50 percent

ETEA Medical staff is always on hand to an overview of the test. Minimum 60 percent (660/1100) marks must be scored in the FSC (Pre-Medical) or an equivalent exam. People who are awaiting results can apply. The test format is that it has 200 MCQs. 60 for Physics 60 for Chemistry and Botany, 30, for Zoology along with 20 for general English. Each MCQ carries 4 marks. One wrong can result in a deduction of one mark, and zero marks for not trying every MCQ. Here are a few suggestions from my perspective for Premedical students in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Contact Information:

  • Address: Plot No.22, Street No.13, Sector E-8, Phase 7 Near Hajj Complex Hayatabad, Peshawar.
  • Phone#: (+92 91) 9219131-33
  • Email: info@etea.edu.pk
  • Website: www.etea.edu.pk

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