Punjab Jail Police Physical Test Date 2024 [ Males and Females ]

The Deputy Inspector General of the Punjab Jail Department, Lahore, notified the Punjab Jail Police Physical Test Date 2024 prison warden for all Punjab districts. Female candidates will undergo physical exams and daily training. Those applicants who had done online apply of Punjab Jail Police warden jobs 2024 are now informed that Punjab Prison Department will conduct Physical Test for recruitment of Jail Warden. Every candidates will receive an SMS with Test Date and location from Punjab Police Jail Department for Physical Test 2024.

Note :

Punjab Jail Police Jobs Physicals Test are start from 5 March 2024 to 20 March 2024.

Punjab Jail Police Physical Test Date 2024

District Date Test Location
Lahore , Sheikha Pura, Qasur, Nankana Sahib, Gujarawallah and Narawall( Lady Warden) 31 March 2024 Lahore Race Club Cout Lakhpat Near Central Jail Lahore
DG Khan 7 March 2024 Time 7:00 AM Central Jail Multan
Rajan Pure (Open Merit) 4 March 2024 Time 7:00 AM Centeal Jail Multan
Rajan Pur (Minort) 7 March 2024 Time 7:00 AM Central Jail Multan
Rajan Pur (Ex_Millitary) 7 March 2024 Time 7:00 AM Central Jail Multan

Punjab Police Jail Warder Physical Test Details 2024

The Punjab Police Department has recently announced the hiring of jail Warders for 2024. The process to select candidates for this position is a series test which include a physical test. The blog article we’ll detail the requirements of the physical test as well as what applicants need to do to prepare.

Punjab Jail Police Physical Test Date 2024 [ Males and Females ]

Punjab Jail Police Physical Test Date 2023

Punjab Jail Police Physical Test Date 2023

General Instructions:

  • The official office shall send SMS or WhatsApp messages to all candidates called for the physical exam. They should know the physical test date and location.
  • Regional IGs and Commissioners should quickly arrange the stadium for the test date. The test can be given in two nearby districts with many applicants.
  • The stadium should seat candidates according to their numbers.
  • Female candidates should be seated separately and allotted a stadium area with sufficient security and staff.
  • Candidates should have cold drinking water.

Jail Police Rejected List 2024


  • Under the District Police Officer (DPO), candidates shall be protected by police guards and their security professionals. This will aid in processing orders and security.
  • Candidates will enter and exit the stadium through separate gates.
  • All candidates’ original national identity cards will be examined, and biometric entry will be recorded at the gate. Before entering the stadium, candidates will be screened.
  • Candidate thumbprints, roll numbers, and birthdates will be recorded.
  • The entire process will be videotaped and archived from the entry gate to the running track. Each batch will have its running video. Medical exams will be filmed.
  • Any undesirable situations should be handled quickly by Solid Defense Department officials. Punjab Jail Police Physical Test Date 2024

Physical Requirements for Warder & Lady Warder in Jail Police

Male Physical Measurement:

  • 6 feet
  • Chest: 32–34 inches
  • 6×6 without glasses
  • Running: 1.6 km/mile in 7 minutes.

Female Body Measurements:

  • 2 feet
  • Without glasses: 6/6
  • 70 kg minimum.
  • Running: 1.6 Km (one mile) in 10 minutes.

Punjab Jail Police Rejected List 2024

Punjab Jail Police has also released the rejected candidates list of Punjab Jail Police Warden Physical Test 2024. The Candidate who are wants the Punjab Jail Police rejected list 2024 are adviced to visit the recommend location. Rejected list will be available at the mentioned test center. To get Punjab Jail Police rejected list 2024, candidates have to visit his test centre mention in SMS from Punjab Prison Department.

Physical Test

Physical test to be taken for the Punjab Police Jail Warder comprises three parts: running, long jump as well as high leap. Candidates must finish each of these tests within a certain time along with a specified distance. Here are the requirements for each part:


The contestants must run over a distance of 1500 meters in just 6 minutes and 30 seconds. This means they must to run at the speed at 4.6 meters/second. The running track is marked by cones, and candidates must finish the distance by running through the cones.

Long Jump

For the long-jump, athletes must leap as high as they can from sitting in a standing position. The distance is determined from the point of take-off to the closest mark that is that is made in the sandpit any body part. The minimum distance to be covered by male applicants is 10 feet as for female applicants, it’s 8 feet.

High Jump

For the jump in high, candidates must jump over a horizontal bar, without hitting it. The bar is placed at the height that is 4 feet in males and 3 feet female candidates. Candidates are given three attempts to get over the bar and their highest score is considered.

Preparation Tips

To be ready for the physical test candidates must concentrate on their endurance and overall fitness. Here are some suggestions that will aid:

  1. Begin with Cardiovascular Exercises

Running is a major component of the physical exam So candidates must begin by doing cardiovascular exercises like cycling, running or swimming. They must gradually increase the intensity and duration of these workouts to build their endurance.

  1. Strength Training

Training for strength is crucial for develop the muscles needed for long and high jumps. It is recommended that candidates focus on exercises like lunges, squats and calf raises to build their legs.

  1. Practice Long Jump and High Jump

Candidates must practice high and long jump frequently to improve their skills and gain confidence. They should also seek advice from a coach or a trainer to get the right technique.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Diet

A balanced diet is essential for endurance and fitness overall. It is recommended that athletes eat the right balance of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. It is also important to keep hydrated by drinking lots of water.


A physical exam for the Punjab Police Jail Warder is a gruelling test however, with the right preparation applicants can pass it effortlessly. Candidates must focus on their endurance and overall fitness as well as practice long jump and high jump frequently. Healthy eating and staying hydrated are crucial to success on this physical exam. We hope this blog post will provide useful advice about how to be prepared for the physical exam in preparation for Punjab Police Jail Warder recruitment in 2024.

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