General Election Duty Payment 2024 [Final Rates Announced Online]

General Election Duty Payment 2024 Final Rate has been Released on 06 February 2024. The ECP received Rs17.4 billion from the Ministry of Finance. In addition to the Rs10 billion that was previously allocated for the country’s general elections in July 2023, the Finance Division said in a statement that they have provided an additional Rs17.4 billion.

Acting Minister of Communication Murtaza Solangi reassured the public on Monday that there are no financial issues creating any delays in the impending elections on February 8. Despite certain media reports to the contrary, he underscored that the necessary money will be given immediately in accordance with the ECP’s procedures.

Note: ECP Duty Payment 2024 has been announced on Today 06 February, 2024 Monday. General Election Held On 08 February, 2024.

General Election Duty Payment 2024

General Election Duty Payment 2024 will be given today, February 5, 2024. Murtaza Solangi, the interim minister of communications, told the people on Monday that everything was running well and that there was no financial issue that would prevent voting on February 8th from taking place. He emphasized that the monies granted will be disbursed in accordance with the ECP’s regulations, notwithstanding media reports to the contrary.

Election Duty List

Election Duty Payment 2024

Title Election Duty Payment
Election Held On 08 February 2024
Payment Issued on 06 February 2024
Election Type General Election
ECP Payment Notification Check Online
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General Election Duty Payment

Election Duties Payment 2024 Pakistan

People who have worked on election-related chores will be paid on schedule after being notified. The Finance Division has been directed to provide the required monies, guaranteeing that all staff members who are in charge of elections be paid on time. The payment must be paid to the poll workers that same day and acknowledged by the Presiding Officer. However, traffic police are in charge of setting up transportation for poll workers’ movements. Details on Election Duty Payment are provided in the table below.

Jail Election Result 2024 Aannounced Online

ECP Duty Payment Rates 2024

Staff Category Payment Amount
Presiding Officer Rs. 8000/-
Assistant Presiding Officer Rs. 4500/-
Polling Officer Rs. 4500/-
Attendant Rs. 2000/-

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