100 Prize Bond Result List 2024 15 February Draw 45 Announced

100 Prize Bond Result List 2024 is announced on 15 February, 2024. The Rs. 100 Prize Bond draw took place in Peshawar on Today February 15, 2024. It was the 45th draw for this amount of money. Bondholders were very excited about this event because they were waiting to see what would happen. The lucky person who won the first prize in the drawing got a nice sum of 700,000 PKR. In addition, three lucky people who won second place each got 200,000 PKR. The draw was even more appealing because many third-place winners could get 1,000 PKR each. This made the prize bond an appealing purchase for many people who wanted security and the chance to win a prize.

100 Prize Bond Result 2024

The 45th draw for Student Welfare Prize Bonds worth Rs.100/- will take place at the Peshawar Branch of the State Bank of Pakistan on Thursday, February 15, 2024, at 9:00 a.m. You can just go to SBP’s Peshawar Branch to see the live draw and read about the winners. To get into the SBP Peshawar Branch office, all you need is a current CNIC. There were 118 different types of 100 Rs. Prize bonds as of November 14, 2023. There will be one shared draw for all shows, and it will be used for the draw.


100 Prize Bond Result 15 February 2024

Title 100 Prize Bond Result List 2024
Held On 15 February, 2024
Draw Number #45
Check Your Winner Name Click Here
Provided Etearesult.pk

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Winners of Rs.100 Prize Bond List 2024 Peshawar City

Pakistan’s prize bond plan is an investment backed by the government that attracts people with the promise of big wins. One example of this is the Rs.100 Prize Bond, which is very popular because it is cheap. The 45th draw for the Rs.100 Bond took place in Peshawar on February 15, 2024. Investors and potential players were very excited.

Rs.100 Prize Bond List List Draw 45 Peshawar

Prize Bond Worth Rs.100
Draw 45th
Date 15-1-2024
City Peshawar
First Prize Rs.700,000
Second Prize Rs.200,000
Third Prize Rs.1,000

Prize bond 100 Result 2024 Online Check

Check online for the Rs. 100 prize bond list. Draw number 45 will take place in Peshawar on February 15, 2024. According to National Savings, the first prize of a Rs.100 prize bond is worth about PKR 700,000. The second prize is worth PKR 2000,000. The third prize is worth PKR 1000. This page has the prize bond numbers for the Rs 100 draw 45. The people who won these prizes are shown below.

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